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The Basics

Our guide to what, who and where and how many



You can carry whatever you like down the aisleway, from a traditional teardrop shaped shower bouquet to an informal hand tied bouquet and anything inbetween! So let your imagination run wild and bring your favourite ideas and most importantly your personality into play.


Keep in mind that it is always a great idea to choose a main element that stems from your bouquet and carries the theme throughout the rest of the Wedding flowers, after all... it is all about you and the future Mr Hubby!



Traditionally the Groom would wear two flowers in his left button hole, however much like the Brides it is now down to personal taste.


We always like our happy couple-to-be to belong together, so keep in mind that one or more of the blooms should also be featured in the Bride's bouquet.


There are many options by way of accesories to jazz up or enhance your Wedding theme in the button holes, we can help you decide what will look fabulous!

Best Man and Fathers


The Best man and Fathers also traditionally wear a double bloom in their left button hole. A single bloom is also suitable and sometimes looks wonderful with a tiny pretty flower detail alongside the large bloom.


The bloom doesn't have to be, but is usually different to the Groom's and can be any flower of your choice as long as it is inkeeping with the Bridal flowers.



The Mothers of the Bride and Groom can wear a corsage, a more modern femenine buttonniere or otherwise opt for a wrist or handbag corsage.


When worn on the outfit of a lady the corsage or buttonniere should be on the right... women are always right!


The blooms can match the colour scheme, the Bridal bouquet, or possibly even their own outfits.



Ushers & Page Boy


The ushers usually all wear a single bloom in their left buttonhole, something that could differ from the Groom but will tie in with the wedding flower colour scheme.


Page boys can either wear a smaller version of the ushers buttonhole or even a smaller version of the best man's design.





Bridesmaids usually carry a bouquet that is a smaller version of the Bride's or that contains some of the flowers that are included within the Bridal arrangement. This doesn't always have to be the case as long as the Bridesmaids' bouquets are inkeeping with the wedding flower colours and theme.


It helps if the Bridesmaids' bouquets compliment the Brides bouquet but sometimes it can be fun to make them contrast completeley... as long as the Brides bouquet can still shine among them all! We can give you some ideas of how to make your bouquets unique to your personality.



Flower Girls


More traditionally flowergirls would carry a basket or a pomander of flowers. There are many options available including a small hand tied posy, a flower wand or even a teddy with a bow to match the ribbon on the Bride or Brodesmaids' Bouquets.


Give your flowergirls and even your page boys a job they will love... a basket of petals to scatter before the Bride as she walks down the aisle!





You don't have to provide your Grandparents with flowers but it is a really nice touch to make sure there is a corsage, buttoniere or buttonhole for them to wear on the day.


We have lots of ideas of how to help fit little touches like this into your Wedding flower budget. 



Ceremony Arrangements


There are no hard and fast rules for what to have as your Ceremony flowers, but there are many options to choose from depending on your type of ceremony venue. We can take you through it step by step and help you decide exactly what it is you would like to see while you tie the knot!



Reception Arrangements


The same applies here as with the Ceremony Arrangements. Under certain circumstances we can plan so that some arrangements can be moved from the Ceremony and utilised in the Reception to save some of your budget.


This is another oppertunity to really let your personality shine through as there are so many options to chose from. We can help your ideas be realised and really tie everything together, bringing your reception to life!





Many couples now choose to decorate their cake... or cakes! yum! ...with flowers from the Bridal flowers or flowers that are in keeping with the theme. These may be fresh, silk or sugar flowers.


Its also nice to decorate the cake table with some other flower arrangemets that tie in with the others that are displayed at your reception, to help carry the balance through the entire room.





It is traditional to present the Mothers of the Bride and Groom with a bouquet of flowers as a thank you for all of their help and support planning the Wedding.


We can provide you with beautiful bouquets for anyone that you wish to thank. We make sure they are presented in water to ensure optimum freshness while the festivities are taking place, and we design them so that they are easy for the recipient to transport home.



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