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Carnations... Cool or just Old school? You Decide at York's Hospitium Spring Wedding Fair

Carnations have a reputation for being old fashioned, most likely because although way back when they were all the rage, now we have access to so many other beautiful and unusual blooms grown world wide.

New varieties of Carnations are becoming more and more fashionable and are really giving new light to the opinions of flower lovers everywhere.

This Sunday 20th March we will be displaying some beautiful Pink Antigua Carnations at York's Hospitium Spring Wedding Fair between 11am & 3pm. So come along and take a look for yourself. We will let you decide if Carnations are Cool or old school!

Pink Antigua Carnations are a beautiful multi toned Carnation that lends it's self to creating and complementing that vintage look that is in style, they can also bring freshness to deep purples and pinks without adding cream and white. Team them with some delicate pinks to make them really stand out, some delicate soft flowers and vintage style roses for that antique vintage effect or with deeper shades creating a rich bouquet with a subtle freshness.

We will look forward to telling you more on Sunday

Sarah Elizabeth Flowers

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